Here Comes the Boom (PG, Comedy, Drama) B+

Scott (Kevin James) is an unmotivated teacher at a School in Boston.  He comes to work late and lets the kids teach themselves.  When the school has to make cutbacks and fire the music teacher (Marty, played by Henry Winkler) he decides to come up with a way to earn about $48,000 to save the music program.  When it’s clear he is not going to be able to raise the money he decides to become an MMA fighter and just collect large amounts of money from loosing various matches.  If you can accept the premise that an overweight 42-year-old man can become a worthwhile MMA fighter this turns out to be a very good movie.  It’s not so much about his MMA matches but about people fighting to help each other out.  Kevin James was perfect for the role. 

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